Prednisone 10mg

Prednisone in the treatment of various diseases has its peculiarities. In lung cancer, it is used in complex therapy, taken only in combination with cytostatics. Patients use prednisone to improve the general condition, but with inoperable lung cancer, it can lead to lethal consequences. In that case, doctors should continuously monitor the state of the patient.

Prednisone dosage

Prednisone should be taken orally, swallowing the whole tablet with water. Initially, the drug must be taken at 10–20 mg per day to achieve a therapeutic effect (improving the patient’s condition). Then, gradually reduce the dosage to 5 or 10 mg per day. The maximum daily dosage is 100 mg; a single dose is 15 mg.

The course of treatment is individual and varies from one week to several months. Cancellation of the drug should be done gradually, reducing daily intake.

Prednisone for asthma

Prednisone in asthma treatment is prescribed when other meds don’t work. It is used to stop asthma attacks. At the beginning of therapy prednisone is prescribed in large doses, and then the dosage is gradually decreased, down to 10 mg or the minimum possible.

The doctor can prescribe the medication every other day because patients can’t stop taking the drug because of the possibility of side effects, including weight gain, cataracts, and increased fragility of bones.

Prednisone during pregnancy

Prednisone during pregnancy can be used only with the consent of the pregnant woman. In the initial trimester, no drugs or prednisone are allowed. It can be prescribed for life-preserving reasons when the need to heal the mother significantly exceeds the risk for the baby. The attending physician should explain this to a pregnant woman so that she can decide whether to take prednisone or not.

Treatment with prednisone must be suspended for the period of breastfeeding.

Alcoholic drinks do not affect the effectiveness of prednisone.

Prednisone for children

Whether it is possible for a child to take prednisone is decided by the doctor depending on the severity of the disease. The dose is calculated individually and depends on the child’s weight. Usually, children are prescribed a drug in tablet form.

Prednisone should be taken in the morning, because the child may have trouble sleeping. The tablet should be washed down with a small amount of water. The initial dose for children is prescribed at a rate of about 2 mg per kilogram of body weight.

Children of any age can be prescribed prednisone in short courses for inflammation of the joints, an acute and chronic form of glomerulonephritis, and allergic disease. Ointments and cream with hormones are used to treat atopic dermatitis in children.

If a child with asthma does not remove asthmatic syndrome with inhalers, then it is recommended to take prednisone tablets in short courses. The drug is also used for bronchitis in severe form, but only in tablets.